About Me

Amber Shock
Amber Shock

I’m a former Biology teacher who quit my job to move around the country with my husband. We currently live in Salem, Oregon and are exploring all this beautiful state has to offer.

Thanks to travel and hotel living, I’ve become intrigued by finding new ways to cook with limited cooking supplies and appliances.

My Instant Pot and warped toaster oven become life-savers when I had no access to a stove or oven. I love treats, but have begun working on changing my lifestyle to include more plant based proteins and lower sugar treats.

I’m still staving off a sugar addiction so don’t be surprised to see some suagry treats appear on the blog occassionally.


I grew up in a family of seven and so I quickly learned to be frugal. My mom and dad making nearly every meal from scratch. I learned to cook when I was 8, so that I could have some control over the kinds of treats and desserts we ate for Sunday dinner. Today baking and cooking are chances for me to be creative and let off steam.


My mom took me to craft nights with women in the neighborhood and enrolled me in 4H classes taught by she and my friend’s moms. We learned to cook, sew, and toll paint. DIY projects make me feel like I can make something from nothing and I love the challenges they present.


My husband and I are both frugal people. He’s told me that one of the things that attracted him to me was when he learned I like to shop at thrift stores. We both love a good deal and still enjoy browsing at thrift and discount stores. I also love buying and selling used items through online classifieds. I’ve often bought furniture at a low cost and then fixed it up and turned around and sold it at a profit.