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How to Decide if an Instant Pot is Worth the Money to You

  1. Do you or would you like to start cooking more meals with plant-based proteins like beans and lentils?
  2. Do you hate how the oven heats up your entire kitchen when you’re cooking?
  3. Do you hate to use your huge oven when you just need to cook something small?
  4. Are you trying to save money on your electric or gas bill?
  5. Are you trying to reduce the amount of fat in your diet?
  6. Do you need extra motivation to try new recipes and get out of a I cook-the-same-food-all-the-time-rut?
  7. Do you have the patience to read a fair amount of directions before you start using an appliance?
  8.  Do you want to bake cheesecakes, but get frustrated with the difficulty of doing so?
  9.  Do you often decide last minute what to make for dinner and need to thaw out frozen meats quickly?
  10. Do you often forget about food you began to cook only to find it burned up in the oven or on the stove?
  11. Do you cook boiled eggs often?
  12. Do you cook rice often?
  13. Do you not have access to a stove or burner for an extended period of time?
  14. Do you not have a microwave?

If you answered yes to a few of these questions with #7 being especially important, you will probably make use of your instant pot quite often. I’m still learning to use mine to fit my needs, but I have been using it almost daily or multiple times a day.

Instant pots are energy-efficient, won’t heat up your kitchen, and make cooking beans, lentils, rice, veggies-including spaghetti squash, boiled eggs, cheesecakes, and cornbread much easier. It has also served as a good motivator for me to try new recipes and switch up my routine, because anything I put money into is an investment that I make sure to give some of my energy to.

They are not cheap, but especially if you are trying to cut back on your meat intake and use less oil in your cooking, instant pots are a big help. Cooking beans and lentils yourself will also save you money and allow you to have complete control over what is going into your beans.

The instant pot takes time to learn about, and requires some trial and error cooking, but it has some features which I love.


The saute feature- If you don’t have a stove or burner this is a life saver!

The automatic hold warm feature- I can take this pot to church functions like you would a crock pot and plug it in to stay warm, or it seems to retain heat well with the lid on. And it didn’t leak in my car either like crock pots have the potential to do!

Trivet- Allows you to cook things like cheesecakes, chicken, veggies etc. up out of the water so that they are not cooking through boiling, but through the heat of the steam surrounding them.

Cons- Chicken thrown into the Instant Pot doesn’t have the same flavor as meat cooking in a pan or the oven, but when you are cooking chicken to put into something else and want in to take on the flavor of whatever you are adding it to, this is a quick and easy way to cook frozen chicken breasts without having to defrost them and then cook them in a pan or throw them into the oven.

If your food isn’t done the first time, prepare to patiently wait while the pot reheats back up to temperature and then cools down enough that you can open it up again when it is done.

Learning Curve- Be prepared to read long directions before using this guy! It is not intuitive to use in my opinion, but with a bit of effort it gets easier.

Pre-heat time, but I can’t think of an appliance besides the microwave which doesn’t require time to warm up.

Want one? I’ve seen stellar deals on Instant Pots on Amazon around Christmas time, Cyber Monday, and on Amazon Prime Day. With brick and mortar stores preparing to run ads to bring people through their doors, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them deeply discounted in January and February. If you move you can also try applying the Amazon Move Discount.  Credit Cards will also offer cash discounts when you spend a certain amount at a particular store. You may look into a few of these options.




I am a former teacher turned housewife moving around the country and working on mastering the art of being frugal through cooking, enterprise, and creativity. I love making and eating food, DIY projects, and finding a great deal.

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