10 Inexpensive Neighbor Christmas Gifts

  1. Please click on the pictures to visit the blogs where the ideas were pulled from. Most of the blogs include free printable tags so be sure to check them out!

    spice jar
    Mason Jar Shaker from Dollar Tree 

    I’m still working on this idea, but I’m thinking of buying mason jar shakers like the one above from the Dollar Tree and filling them with my favorite spice mix, which is a fajita seasoning made by Bolner’s Fiesta. This mix is awesome for fajitas or flavoring homemade salsa.

    The tag could say something like, A little something to spice up your new year, or for your next fiesta, or Feliz Navidad. I also thought including a salsa recipe would be a nice touch. What do you think?

2.  A few other people were thinking along similar lines, so you could do something like either of these:























3. Jam 













4. Gum- Magic marker snowman faces









5. Cinnamon Rolls

6. Kisses

7. Mints

8. Chips

9. Pineapple

10. Granola




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