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Organize 18 of Your Spices for $13

Organize your spices and still easily access them for $13.


My spices before reorganizing


new spice jars
My spices after reorganizing

1.Buy one or two spice racks from Ikea  for $3.99.

2. Buy a set of salt and pepper shakers at the Dollar Tree for $1.00.

Salt and Pepper Shakers Dollar Tree

The racks will fit 18 of these salt and pepper shakers with space to spare (9 in the front and 9 in the back).  You may even consider putting some of your taller spices behind these so that they are easy to access.

3. Buy or make labels. I labeled mine with masking tape to save a little time and money, but printing labels on the computer would be inexpensive as well.

4. Put the spices in each jar using a funnel

funnel and jar
Using a handmade funnel (made from an olive oil bottle) to pour my spices into the new jars.

**Be aware that some of your larger spices may not shake through the small holes of these shakers. I plan on using a nail and hammer to make some of the holes a little bigger. However most spices I end up pouring into a measuring spoon, so the shaker isn’t as important to me on many of the large spices I use.


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