Name-brand Deals at the Dollar Tree

Yesterday in Salem, Oregon I went to the largest Dollar Tree I’ve ever been into in my entire life. It was awesome! I know every store tends to have a slightly different selection, but in the picture are a few fun things I found yesterday at the dollar store for a great price.

I saved about 50 cents on each on the Ranch dressing and the Chex mix. I saved $1-$1.50 each on the cranberries and clams. #whatadealwednesday

The decorative bottles on the left looked like they’d be nice for a craft project or decor. The vinegar and oil containers would look really nice in a kitchen too! I’m keeping them in mind for future projects. #onlyadollar!

Decorative Bottles and Glass Vinegar and Oil Bottles
Decorative Bottles and Glass Vinegar and Oil Bottles

I obviously love cooking and kitchen decor–especially holiday decor–so I thought these ceramic squirrel salt and pepper shakers  would add a fun fall touch to the Thanksgiving kitchen decor I’ll be putting up.

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