Two 99 Cent Deals from Kroger

Chicken for 99 cents a pound!


I found these in the back of the store near the deli counter. Throw this pre-seasoned chicken in your Instant Pot on saute for a few minutes  to seal in the juices and then put your trivet  in the pot and dump in 1 cup of water. Now stick your chicken on top of your trivet and cook for 15 minutes. I put in two large pieces like the one above into my 6 quart Instant Pot. It made for deliciously tender chicken. I forgot how good chicken on the bone tastes!

Or store the pieces in bags to make later!



 Twizzlers Chocolate Licorace

Only 99 cents!



Do you like chocolate licorice? I grew up eating these on road trips or at the lake in the summer. They are  a sentimental snack I still love so it made my day to see them in the bargain carts at my Kroger grocery store marked down by more than 50%. I do have to wonder if part of my pleasure came from seeing something that reminds me of home. I do miss a lot of things about home but I’m still really glad we chose to take this adventure!

These Twizzlers probably didn’t sell too well here in Ridgeland, Mississippi if they went on clearance, and I’m sure some of your are thinking, yeah, they’re gross. But for your Chocolate licorice lovers these may be marked down in other Kroger’s too . . .  So go check it out!

I have been trying to eat less sugar lately and was doing pretty well until these derailed me a bit. The combination of a good deal and chocolate is a powerful force! But now that they’re  all gone I can get back on track! Yeah we finished the bag in a couple of days . . .

I was thinking with Halloween being close these licorice could be a fun and inxpensive candy to add to a decorative recipe. I know last year my husband and I made Halloween graham cracker houses. It was a fun. Check out some great ideas on making them on Mel’s Kitchen Cafe where I found this cute photo of a few she made:

So go get your candy house making skills on!


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