The Making of My Frugal Formula

Being raised in a Latter-day Saint (Mormon) family of seven my parents taught me to be frugal. We had a lot of fun as a family but didn’t spend much money on entertainment. So because doing things outdoors was generally inexpensive and nature easily accessible in Northern Utah, many of our family outings were composed of things like tubing, hiking, swiming, camping, etc. I love these kinds of adventures and they make up the bulk of my traveling and entertainment.

My mom made nearly everything from scratch and we didn’t eat out often, so I quickly learned to love cooking. If I ever wanted something sweet I knew I could make it with the ingredients in our pantry. I have a bit of a baking/cooking addiction so I will be posting a lot of recipes or information about cooking on a budget.

My family also taught me to appreciate bargains. My dad enjoyed grocery shopping and would often bring home unique foods he proudly got on sale. My sister Shannon introduced me to the excitement of Saturday-morning yard sales and my mom to thrift store bargains. I’ve never lost the rush I feel from getting something I need at a good price.

I also love crafts. At a young age I remember enlisting neighborhood kids to help decorate our clubhouse with homemade Halloween decorations in the fall. I still have a soft spot for holiday projects but I enjoy any chance I get to be creative.

cropped-LOGO-01.pngFrom great ways to save money on everything from cooking, to DIY projects, to traveling, I hope this blog will help you find ways to save money on things you love to do. When being frugal is part of your family’s formula you’ll find easy ways to make more from less.

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